For The Record

by Kinsman

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Kinsman.. Last Of The Bristolians, invites you to feast your ears on his latest release straight out of Bristol's Alma Vale Studio. A 5 track EP where Kinsman joins forces with 3 highly accomplished producers UNO, LongLastin & Mr Fantastic. As a special bonus, included is a rare un-released track from Bristol's own legendary Hip Hop crew 3PM whilst being his former incarnation Krissy Kriss. 3PM rocked the mic at the jams & on radio from the late 80's to late 90's.


released January 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Kinsman Bristol, UK

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Track Name: For The Record
Verse 1
Invisible pictures transparent to my minds eye circulate my mental block exposing their disguise. I shudder like no other the thought of letting them in again. Deceiving geezers sleasing through my main frame, let me explain, It started like this.. "Kriss make a wish, Happy Birthday, may your dark skies be dismissed", "Now check some of this!".. is a lesson for those who may be guessing about the realms that I was travelling, pure wrestling demon specimens that have tried unsaddling me, back paddle me, crucify..Now Kinsman is the recipe. Sword and sheild raised I praise the road of the good fight. Guided by the site of my son's eyes, an Isrealite Knight. The word that you've heard is that I'm no longer Krissy Kristopher. Back and forth, some times off course, that's why I'm whole and singular. The chains forming links to my kin make you blink. Shining bright full of might I write manipulating ink.

Verse 2
It's taken time but I can see the light shining in through this new principle, feel th heat through my eyes cos this sight it is invisible. I'm gonna strike and ignite dynamite, inspite of parasites that bite, and escape out of this tunnel.. My vision was clear, the tides are turning this year, doubts and fears disappear so come one come all. Tick Tock.. huh I'm swinging the pendulem. Sitting in sync with my heart because I'm ready to rock on the stage again. The crowds they blow their whistle dem, my body pumps adrenilin, sweating within my palms cos it's never too late to begin again! Critical mass I dispatch, no equivalent, take heed to this new testiment lest you risk imprisonment. Kinsman..phase three, on a flow within just a minute. Fight the fraud, keep up your guard, insist on no gimmics, MC means move the crowd, I express my thoughts aloud and make my mic a detonator.

Verse 3
Lets settle this, for the record let me lay it down straight. No lets be hearing a lick from Kriss for old times sake! Lets circulate the innerstate create an old and new ciriculem. Throttling those who bottled in the secret to this sirum I'm bringing in like insulin, pumping adrenilin, rythmes unfold the riddim cos Kin's a veteren..So.. you urban gorillas still filling the pop rap gap like polyfiller.. Here's the stinger! It's from the heart and soul transfered into the vinyl, instinct within this precinct will have the potential to just blind them all. Mesmorise.. If this is too deep then I apologies, Close your eyes.. Take a look then you're disqualified. The rules to the game take aim you'll never loose. Know the clue to my name (Kinsman) nothing to prove! So whistle blowers, overthrowers, no need to look over my shoulder, what I write with insight is For The Record.
Track Name: Uptown
I'm coming to get cha.. No time to reflect cha.. I'm getting there anyway.

Verse 1
Who said it couldn't be done? Who said it couldn't be won? Digest unless the rest miss this lyric phenonenom. Vibes are strong, moving on (What!) There's no need for static. Kin's got the Recipe.. Energy.. Logic. I get Bionic, too fast for the past. Let it be known who has grown.. By whom the stone was cast. Friends don't bend the truth or turn to burn and spurn their pardre. too bad you had to go slag the past, now you must leave the party. It's the behaviour not the flavour of the bounce that counts, surmount the doubt with clout watch me pounce with ever ounce. I'm the K (Kin the Kinsman) Funky Beat Yakuza. Sworn allegience to HipHop with all the aims to soove ya. I'll bruise ya if you step out of sync, that means you're over the limit. I live on the brink, the now, that's why the crowds don't need no gimmics. Mic check, place your bets, tonight the prize is the future sounds.. Kin's coming Uptown.

Verse 2
Top ranking, enhancing, moving Krissy forward. Messages give emphasis, expand the minds four corners. I'll warn you I have many names in games I cannot mention. The cycle is at hand (What!) Kin is the incarnation. The recita.. sketchy character.. B-Boy delighta. Despite the fact that I extract techniques on retreat as well as attack ya! huh, I've got the ammo, I'm fully armed and loaded. Best prepare and wear your armoured vest the tribes are coming for justice. I built my strength through struggling, suffering, smuggling my breath, heart arrest just smothering. Can't breath, guard my seed, find my queen who's eye's I've seen. I'm a verbalist with a gift in this, I insist you come clean. (Uptown) Who said it couldn't be done? Sit down, the courts in session silence the jesters and the clowns (Don't make a sound) Too late to evacuate to escape the count down, I'm breaking ground with ultra sound.. Kin's coming Uptown.

Verse 3
My vocals got the wattage, make your hair stand up with static. I get lyrically graphic, slack mc's to me they're plastic. There ain't no stopping me, refuse the taste like you did with brocolli? No more games, let me refrain, lets do this properly. Lead the squad from the Brit Side, fed up of "Ah at least he tried". HipHop feds my text expect the rest to come and satisfy. I get deep beneath to seek your memory, to save insert your card and get a burst of energy in your anatomy. Break through the mirage, clinically inject me for a charge cos I sense your aura, like a whispered rumour I saw ya. Feeling the need is the formula, taking the lead as I'm warning ya. Kinsman sails the ship and takes a grip of this peninsula. Feel this bridge you cannot burn, there's no surrender, see this cake, it's my turn because I'm a defender not a pretender (So!) Read my book, it's always open when it's found because the spoken word is the word you've heard.. Kin's coming Uptown.

I'm coming to get cha, no time to reflect, but if you inspect this chemistry.
Now I won't ignore ya, never abort cha, what's in store is my destiny.
And we all know that with this format it ensures that it's plain to see.. I'm getting there anyway.
Track Name: Hold This
Verse 1
How long has it been, How long will it take, How long till they see these mc's. How long until they make a mistake's create great oportunities to do better. Regrets upset my spirit, in my zone K is the letter, I bet cha thought you sought, found it all. Don't play on the carosel without the original core! I stand tall.. Six foot four.. subliminal tactics from the days of "Yesh Yesh Yawl!" I install funk to pump out with clout through your speakers, microphonies step off your voice is getting weaker. Don't replace the battery Uh Uh, that's unsatisfactory, you'll get no flattery for all this mockery, It strangles me.. I gotta prevent a catastrophy.. Bow down gracefully.. Yield to the calvary. HipHop's breaking bonds at the wrist, so underestimators, rythme impersonators.. Hold This!

Verse 2
I'm the Wild West Rythme Slinger, Vibe Bringer. Thermenting, brought to the boil, left to simmer. I'll linger in your mind in time, decline from the irregular. No excuses, no " non je ne comprend pas monsieur" The hard knock universal being from the Brit Side, Isrealite descendant, Bristol City's where I ride, on the strength keep it real, kneel, repent. Fake accents just represent that you're stagnent. It's the truth I'm busting loose I know it hurts, but experts of the verse don't have to curse to fill the purse I use reverse psychology, Awesome when it hits targets with lyrically alphabetic atmospherics I swear it's ship shape, It's gotta be Kin and action; passion?. The force runs strong no need for blagging! It can happen there's no slacking in this nemesis so witnesses within this genesis.. Hold This!

Verse 3
I've gotta get intellectual with the verbals creating miracles popping up like crop circles, aeronautical lyrics I display every day. Hey.. The entrepenour Kriss Johnson portrays like Roget. Say the word I'll be heard World Wide. Apply thought, spirit allied with music and we're gonna be qualified to the new realm, peace to the Old Skool pioneers across this hemisphere, so glad they persevered.. Cheers! No need to drop their names, this ain't a game, except this blow. Those Who Know.. Know. Those Who Know.. Grow. Those Who Know.. Show! Hold tight as my wave goes tidal, welcome the third cycle, it's vital that my symbol's recognisable. Noble matters I bring on form of word play. Travelling, unsaddling in rythme so I can stay right here, ready for impact cos somethings amiss.. From the zone I bring the Metamorphosis so Hold This!
Track Name: Knock Knock
Verse 1
Friend or foe I'm here to let you know you're in my sector. Select the correct subject and maybe I might let cha roam through into my zone alone. Experience dimension they could never ever clone. So.. Enlist with Kariss, I insist, don't risk in mutiny, close your eyes fly through the skies like a spirit, I'm here to steer it, the pilot at the helm. Fasten your seat belts feel my vibe, witness the realm. Mind expansion brings expression of the soul, I'm here to set it straight, relate, appreciate my goals to the letter K..sara sara.. What will be be will be. What goes around comes around.. Knock Knock that's opportunity.

Verse 2
Who holds the keys to these mc's, who's the key holder? Address the conquest lest you get left to smoulder, older am I a veteran to this campaign. Shame they tried to end my flow, a hurricaine you can't detain. Ris..K..Y am I to those who oppose my flow yet those who oppose grow slowly in my vicinity. I feel at ease, the breeze reeves around my temple. My minds eye won't cry if you can't see I don't resemble any other brother who chose you to help discover your goal as a whole you've got to be a true HipHop lover. That's of rythmes that bend minds, but then help blind you of the illusion that your living in with no rewind. Kind words help nobody..overstand it. Hold on hands up, Now who's got a habit of hearing but not hearing, seeing but not seeing what's at stake. We hold the juice, full of fruit.. Never dilute to taste.

Verse 3
Solve the formula I'm warning ya I know that you'll be hooked. Now It Starts..Third Cycle..Other chapters of this book, now if it took from now until I have to fulfil, it's like a ritual. Universal remidi the energy your spirit will lock in like a magnet, mental radars from afar. Never blow the gasket dam it.. fully maintain the car! The door's ajar, Dah Dot Dah..Here's an S.O.S All B-Boys Fly Girls, keep the vibes in check. What's best from '86 stop.. Here it is Krissy Kriss stop. K Zone, Wild West yes, the future within a quizz stop. (What!) Open your mind to find what lies between the lines of the rythme. A clue in time, Knock Knock.. It's that time.

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