Last Of The Bristolians

by Kinsman

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Within this collaboration EP; Kinsman "Last Of The Bristolians" Kinsman joins forces with 3 of Bristol's finest producers - UNO, Mr Fantastic & Joe Virus. As a special bonus, included is some rare audio of a Krissy Kriss performance from the now legendary FBI jams that rocked Bristol in the late 80's.


released December 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Kinsman Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Come Follow Me
Verse 1
Come follow me, I's got the Remidi. Kin begins engines that spin with energy. Turn the ignition, release your inhibitions, wishing on a star may lead to reminising on what your missing. Catch the ride, take a peak inside, that's right, this here's a special, no rates at the gates so just slide. Bring the rest of the crew, let me take you to the rendevous, I'm coming live, so recognise this landslide's long over due.

Verse 2
We've got you locked in, simply for safety reasons. The gravity has the capacity to... Stop you breathing. This is the apparatus to show my status. Groove into the ology, this professy is contagious. Reflect on this.. We're gonna risk the outer limits. Can't you hear it? Audio pirotechnics! Increase the velocity is the key, my termonology, buckle up, get a rush cos this stuff is Grooveology! Who knows me, who knows he? My apologies, come follow me.

There's no time to resist this genesis, Kinsman evolves, still keepin hold of Kariss. This is just the first kiss, persist, if you insist, this is how I'm just gonna.. Switch!
Track Name: Now It Starts

First you have to make it evolve and just create it, ensure that they can't take it, stand your ground never fake it. That's the basics, demonstrate it, find the spark and just embrace it, it's your heart that instigates it unless the dark will try replace it..

Verse 1
Syncronise your watch, don't miss the secret rendevous, here's instructions to prevent distruction of my full crew. Who knows who? I bring to you the secret entity. Straight from the HQ, morse code, that's how they sent for me! I move in three's, MC's I broke the silence. Plot co-ordinates to my zone, the moon stone will be your guidence. There's a lot to do, the mission is at hand. Overstand the master plan, keep it real, spick & span. I raise my sights, find the void, hit my target. Precisely engineered with care, creating sparks, let me start it.(On your marks!) Straight down the line, that's how we steer it. (Get set!) for dialect that smacks back hard knocks I swear it. (Go!) Can you hold it down, you got the nerve? Step lively to a funky beat, that's what we all deserve. The mind's a lethal weapon, I reckon they'll be sweating that the fact that this highjack is Future Funk, that's what you're getting, Know It Starts!

Verse 2
To the task, I'm here to crack the safe that holds your mental block. Equiped to get with this without a risk of spies or double cross, at any cost, I must succeed. Phase One has just begun, disarm these mc's, stampede the need to breed scisms without wisdom of the position that we're in, the ship's afloat, start bailing out, d'you want ta swim? I'm here to win, peace to my Kin, for them as well I do this. promote, don't joke or take the piss out of the HipHop business. I'll wish a wish of wishes, Kariss can do that. I'll chance attack, give you my back, smack back with rap, infact I'm gonna load my mind with shining armour piercing lyrics, an agent from the zone requests permission to make you hear it. D'you fear it? It's real, welcome to this level. Unsettle your metal you see my rep and mic's my vessel which serves well this B Boys joy to bring the science. Crap kid tactics get the gasket plus a seconds silence, Now It Starts!

Verse 3
So come dance then my friends, wherever you may be (Who holds the key?) I am the lord of this dance says he.. see? I bring shape to the deformed, swarm the norm like a brain storm, drop my magic like a unicorn, born in full stride, glide straight outta the South West side, tried and tested, real heads request this, digest this if you've got the stamina I'm planning a intagalactic transformation body slamming ya! (One-ah Two-ah Three-ah).. win by submission. Live healthy HipHop recommended by your nuitrition listen, take a bite of the cake baked to show perfection, gain a greater state of mind that's right you've got direction. D'you reckon I'm a kid at heart? I've seen between, upset my dream I'll rip your spleen to smithereens like Wolverine. My arena's luge phat beats prevent deceit, hyroglific lyrics written cripple the weak at heart... Now It Starts!
Track Name: One Inna
Straight from the heart causing sparks in the stylus, eardrums keep humming base tones through the wireless, dropping the veil that witheld to disguise us, Kinsman cast spells rocking bells is Joe virus. (Repeat)

Verse 1
One inna million that's what my mum kept drilling into my head space, I remember the days that I had to say grace around the table.. Yes to thank the lord for letting us come aboard, to get what's mine, for why I was born scorn me if you want to it doesn't matter. I know the truth is in my blood now even if they tried to scatter us like seeds yeh strangled by weeds, placed in solitary confinement with no hope to succeed please!.. I'm a Nubian, magnificent the setting of the sun, hitting my mark for a start call me Obe One. Son of Esther, If I had hair I'd have strong ethers, I'm coming from the land we stick together, Now wether or not you understand my strategy, Welcome to the kinsman, that's my security. I give peace to my children, I Keep On Keepin On so that the dreams that they dream, I will fulfil em! God willing.. Family.. Kinsman.. The recipe. They say I'm Last Of The Bristolians. This anthem is One Inna Million.

Verse 2
Infactuated..Unmistakenly dedicated.. Hoax conspiritors from the interior have now been infiltrated. Belated wishes sent with silent poison kisses know that this is the invisible warrior of the night that never misses that lyrical photosynthesis was executed. Breathe take a breath, refuse to be cornered like the rest, jest? No I never if you trespass, you step upfront I'll have to take you now through Alice's looking glass!..

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